2nd Generation High Yielding Advanced Biofuel Oil Crops

The Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel (CJP) is working towards scientific commercialization of nonfood biodiesel trees/crops that will lend credibility; reliability and scalability with regards to food security, energy security and sustainable development and carbon savings. With an effort to ‘grow beyond oil ‘, apart from Jatropha, CJP has identified, developed and cultivated as many as 15 non-food oil crops. With years of continuing research, experiments and trials has provided an adage to find and develop 2nd generation biodiesel feedstock with low cost input technology. The CJP for Failsafe Energy Farming (www.jatrophabiodiesel.org ) was created in 2003 , the first entity to introduce commercial farming of Jatropha and since then working as a platform for multidisciplinary multifeedstocks research into all aspects of nonfood energy farming. The CJP intensified its collaborative research approach with regards to perennial oil seeds bearing tree like Pongamia Pinnata, Moringa oliferia, Jojoba, simarouba, Mahua , Calophyllum etc. in combination with annual nonfood oil crops like castor, flax, safflower, camelina, colocynthis etc to have more oil yield per ha and to improve its product. The CJP’s mission is to perform cutting-edge plant science research in genetics, breeding and horticulture, and further develop technologies to allow for the economic commercialization and sustainability of energy farms globally. In essence, CJP scientists are continuously working on enhanced genetics, agronomics and horticulture sciences to drive new varieties, more knowledge around the plants’ nutritional requirements and more science-based processes for the care and custody of the plants and have achieved reliable and scalable results in jatropha and other nonfood oil crops farming.

CJP's Superior High Yielding Oil Plantation Crops




  ALGAE                CASTOR                 CAMELINA                 CALOPHYLLUM






   FLAX                             MORINGA                  MAHUA                 KENAF




COLOCYNTHIS               JOJOBA               PONGAMIA                   SIMAROUBA

Planting and Management 

CJP proudly presents its commitment to exploring, developing and establishing the correct process, procedures and systems for growing, crushing refining and use of Bio Diesel from seed oil, Jatropha Curcas in particular.CJP is fully equipped with Technical knowledge and plant science expertise, process engineering and operational expertise to plan, design and Create Failsafe Fuel Farms; deploy and commission Non-food vegetable oil refining and design and construct biodiesel plants. Having specialized in several fields of Energy farming and consultancy and services CJP see great opportunities for doing business with it...  Our wide range of activities include……….

  • Complete & updated knowledge and information
  • Expertise & Enhanced technology
  • Development of Jatropha and other Projects
  • Improved & enhanced Inputs Production & Management
  • Execution of the Plantation Project
  • Plantation Consultancy & Management
  • Construction of oil/biodiesel Plants


CJP’s ongoing agronomic support is on line with the FAO theory of Climate Smart agriculture that sustainably increases productivity and resilience to environmental pressures, while at the same time reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is one of the key factors for long-term success. Driven by a philosophy of knowledge sharing and learning by doing, we are able to achieve significant results in this very technical field, while remaining highly resourceful. Our team of biodiesel experts are constantly researching and developing new and efficient solutions for Biodiesel crops across the globe, to design and instill the most suitable General Agricultural Practices (GAP) for each and every part of the world and have introduced Integrated Fuel Farming Management System (IFF) which serves as a set of practical ground rules. These continue to prove significantly effective in obtaining higher yields while considerably reducing industry-related risks…

We at CJP have developed Crop specific Safe Care Technology with reference to practice of modern techniques coupled with scientific management. This will help getting more yield of better quality resulting into better revenue and profit.  Moreover, for individual biodiesel crops we have complied a perfect set of publications which are the most important tools which you should have if you are going to take up the Biodiesel Project.

CJP provides all aspects of feasibility analysis and business development including assessments of the following: crop production, crushing, co product markets, feedstock acquisition and contracting, technology analysis, risk analysis specific to biodiesel technology, feedstock, markets, and general project risks, market and  financial analysis. CJP can offer the type of consulting that only numerous years of leadership in the small to mid-size biodiesel market can provide at an affordable price

CJP has the privilege to provide most authoritative Knowledge platform known for Development of Sustainable Non-Food Jatropha Oil Crop Projects, Programmes and Priorities to Feed Biodiesel Industry Worldwide and has established the Biodiesel Business Academy© (BBA) to provide quality, impartial, informative and enjoyable advanced level training with enhanced technology in the field of Biodiesel production. The BBA delivers Training to international and national participants/professionals of green energy industry to increase and distribute knowledge and skills. Whether you are new to the industry, have recently changed jobs or simply wish to refresh your knowledge, our training should become a key part of your personal or company professional development programme

For Crop Cultivation Technology and other details contact:

Director, Plant Science, CJP

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