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A DEDICATED marketplace for moringa growers, processors, manufactures and buyers

The Moringa Market is driven by several factors such as a growing need for nutritional supplements, improving health awareness among people and shifting focus towards organic medication and with current events  happening  in  World like the rapid spread of COVID 19 has encouraged people to re-evaluate their lifestyles and diets. MORINGA market has gained more exposure owing to rising awareness and concern among consumers regarding health benefits. And Covid-19 crisis has given boost to moringa industry for health enhancement and economic empowerment. The Moringa is all set to help in achieving SDG 1, 2 and 3 of United Nations by 2030.
Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) of India is premier entity working in research and development of Moringa. The ABC has projected that Global Moringa Market is estimated to be over US$ 20.0 Billion in 2030. It is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of ~9.4% from 2019 to 2030.

The Background
The Global Moringa sector has been seeing a rapid change in expansion, but growers are still lacking in connecting with buyers. While maximizing grower profitability starts in the field with our unmatched cultivar viz: MOMAX3 and MOLíE Moringa seeds, it ends with decisions at the market where need of our support was felt by our customers in terms of connecting them to global moringa buyers
We at ABC, are at the amazing but at right stage of entire value chain of moringa industry. As a leading moringa research and development organization working on Moringa since 2003, we have developed finest varieties and that have amazing scope in in all moringa growing countries.
We are Implementer, and Passionate Scale Up Expert as Moringa Business optimizer. ABC is transforming the Moringa Sector from concept to commercialization with its IPR knowledge, enhanced cultivar, experience, and expertise in this very technical. We help clients improve decisions, sharpen their thinking, and drive their business forward. The Moringa industry has tremendous opportunities in the years ahead and well into the future, and I have never been more excited to be part of this amazing industry.
Global Moringa business has evolved into a highly diverse sector, with operations that range from small subsistence farms to large multinational holdings. Farmer's products are sold fresh in local markets, but also across the world through sophisticated and modern value chains.
According to Gartner, by 2025, 80% of B2B sales transactions between buyers and suppliers will occur via digital channels.
Over the next five years, an exponential rise in digital interactions between buyers and suppliers will break traditional sales models, according to Gartner, Inc. In fact, Gartnerís Future of Sales research shows that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. This is because 33% of all buyers desire a seller-free sales experience Ė a preference that climbs to 44% for millennials. 
The dire need
Quite some past, we have been experiencing the struggle of our clients in finding buyers and they have been repeatedly requesting for a vertical Market for their Moringa Products. The Covid-19 era given us opportunity to rethink and work on the on the especially important issue. Being a forward-thinking entrepreneur, we decided to utilise the opportunity for betterment of our Moringa fraternity as the current crisis offers many opportunities for growth.
The Birth of the B2B Platform MoringaMart
The eureka moment came amid COVID-19 crisis, when we saw a large number of moringa entrepreneurs looking for a standardised platform to market and monetise with personal fulfilment and the enormous scale at which companies were looking for a single point to sell their Moringa products worldwide. In order to connect our customers with buyers, the concept of was born. We then went onto create a platform connecting the two, Moringa seller and buyer. was created to bring together suppliers and buyers, so innovative products can not only get on store shelves, but in the hands of eager consumers.
Just to facilitate our Moringa community and connect them with commerce, we have launched a dedicated online Moringa marketplace that assists moringa growers, developers, processors, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and buyers to trade with each other at a common platform
Here question rises that there are already big b2b2c platforms are already exists, what was the need of new platform. Yes, big platforms like Alibaba or Amazon are there but with millions of products where moringa and moringa products has no relevance and no visibility.  We need a moringa based marketplace where only moringa is sold and purchased. So, we decided to go for a vertical marketplace
ďA vertical B2B marketplace is a niche marketplace where the products or services sold are only within a single industry. These marketplaces serve a smaller market than others, but are much more useful for businesses within that particular industry.Ē
The MoringaMart is a vertical marketplace for the Moringa industry and connects Moringa wholesalers with buyers from all over the world. It also saves on marketing costs since it connects businesses with ease and has built-in marketing functionality.
Marketplace Your Products and Brands
B2B marketplaces can connect small business owners with customers all over the world. This will let you grow your business quickly and effectively without having to invest all of your time and money into building an eCommerce website.
When you see business through the lens of a B2B marketplace platform, youíll see new opportunities and look at your entire organization differently. Harness the power of the B2B eCommerce marketplace and your digital transformation will completely transform your business model and operations. Prepare now for the new market and new ways of doing business.
The most successful platforms connect two or more types of users, here moringa buyers and moringa sellers on a B2B portal and this shall create significant value by enabling communication and commerce that might not otherwise occur.
Online marketplaces are incredibly popular selling channels amongst consumers across the globe, often providing you, as an online seller, with a platform to reach an extensive, ready-to-buy customer base.
Welcome to, Welcome to your Dream Destination.
MoringaMart is the all-in-one subscription based B2B Platform connecting suppliers and buyers of Moringa products and greatly reduces the complexity of the trade process through digital transformation
The B2B (business to business) online marketplace is an exclusive platform through which only Moringa sellers, buyers and businesses can communicate information regarding Moringa products and perform transactions in one unified place. It allows sellers to access a larger customer base at a lower cost, whereas buyer can make product discoveries much easier and free of cost.
MoringaMart is all set to be leading platform for the next generation of sustainable Moringa products.
We now focus on best A-Z Moringa products. MoringaMart is the marketplace for small to big farmer/seller/manufacturer/buyer/retailer!
Our customers are changing the world and we support them with the digital platform they need.
We have built a vibrant network for all Moringa stakeholders from a small farmer to a big manufacturer based only on Moringa industry niche.
The world's dedicated Moringa Marketplace connecting thousands of suppliers and buyers worldwide facilitating global trade opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprises as ABC is the premier and leading organisation in the field of moringa. Through its leading technology and expertise, it has achieved international recognition and trust in the global moringa community. Several manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesaler, traders, and service providers are now lined up to get maximum exposure to the potential buyers.
Our ideology is Making a flourishing marketplace with companies all over the world. We pledge to do our utmost to create a flourishing global marketplace where your business can prosper as a global Moringa entrepreneur.
We have been creating Moringa Industry and this is a small but solid step to organise the industry for future.
Maximize your chances of being discovered by relevant buyers. Optimize your product descriptions, USPs, and ingredients to include keywords buyers would use to search for your products.
Here are some of the benefits of B2B marketplace for your business:
1.            Exclusive
The B2B marketplace has been distinctively developed for Moringa buyers and seller.
2.            Improve Sales
Undoubtedly, attracting a higher number of clients can boost your sales.  By choosing the online marketplace you would be able to showcase the most specific and relevant product recommendations for your customer. You can not only sell products more efficiently but also highlight items with more features, resulting in powerful up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
3. Lower Your Costs
A huge benefit of MoringaMart B2B marketplace is the fact that you can minimize your cost while growing your revenue.
4. Reach New Customers and Markets
With B2B marketplace platform, you are able to reach more new clients. Your online marketplace will not rely on the availability of a sales team and your digital sales portal will be available at all times, 365 days a year. In addition, this will also eliminate any time difference challengers, helping to serve a wider international market through your trade platform.
5. Get Customer Feedback
What keeps clients coming back for more is a seamless online buying experience. Undoubtedly, clients base a buying decision based on positive reviews from other buyers, customers share their enthusiasm with other customers which in the long-run aids sales and the image of your business.
6. Lower Risk
An online marketplace is known to be an extremely low-risk solution as it incurs less budget in marketing costs and gathers thousands of leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional lead generation strategies. The development of B2B marketing strategies is exceptionally quick, simple, and easy with a trade portal, which will maximize sales efficiently and seamlessly.
How It Works
Our platform is an online B2B Wholesale Marketplace for companies in the Moringa products supply chain. Itís the place where Moringa sellers and buyers from around the world come together to make connections and conduct business. 
What is
MoringaMart is an online global exclusive Marketplace, supporting companies in the moringa products supply chain.
On, you will find buyers and sellers of only Moringa products.
Who are the sellers?

  • Farmers
  • Growers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Experts
  • Consultants
  • Machines suppliers
Who are the buyers?
  • Wholesalers,
  • Distributors,
  • Food retailers and bulk food and beverage consumers, such as:
  • small retail shops
  • Mini markets
  • Supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • clubs
  • hospitals
How it works
  • Buyers join for FREE and they look for buying opportunities on the platform.
  • Buying opportunities may come from local as well as from international markets.
  • Sellers present their online presence on the platform through a paid Seller Plan. They upload their products and deals to the platform on their shop and await buyer contacts.

Moringamart is The Sales Tool to help you proactively engage new and existing customers.
Targeted B2B Digital Marketing
With the increasing popularity and rising competition, the need to be present on a B2B eCommerce platforms has become inevitable. They play a large role in product discovery when it comes to wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, resulting in a highly efficient platform where supply and demand among seller groups can be identified and carried out seamlessly.
Donít waste your money and time on Social Media advertising campaigns. These are designed for business to consumer promotions and donít produce any results for you because your customers are businesses not consumers.
We implement B2B i.e., Business to Business Digital Marketing thus, targeting companies interested in your products, in your niche market of Moringa products.
Moringa products manufacturing companies are already pouring towards the platform and we are expanding on them every day. We are helping our registered sellers to continually expand their sales.

Become A Member of

To Reach your ideal customers, we are providing you the opportunity to become a member of Global Moringa Market and Expand Your Business worldwide. As a distinguished Member You Can display your Moringa Products and contact unlimited Moringa Buyers across the globe

The big moment has come.

This is the moment every Moringa Stakeholders has been waiting for.

Now they will get their Market at their workplace, at their desktop, laptop, tablet, and other digital devices to work

We straightaway offer 50% discount for first 500 sellers membership registration for 1st year. For paying for 3 years you can save a big sum plus uninterrupted business listing

The offer is open for first 500 clients/companies  

Membership fee

Standard charges

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For 3 year

₹ 120,000


₹ 50,000


GST 18% Extra

The new marketplace predominantly focuses on Moringa and its various products. Expanding your business across globe online moringa marketplace is going to be a great way to reach new audiences, increase sales and maximise profitability.

As a specialist Moringa and Moringa products, the new marketplace going to be incredibly popular selling site to consider. A good approach for the platform shall be to target only Moringa customers/aspirants and take them on one platform


Pre-Register to become a member of MoringaMart:Global Moringa Marketplace here

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. It is now your turn to act urgently to make your sustainable presence in the promising industry. Moringa Project developer/Entrepreneur who wants to have a slice of the $8-20 bn moringa market, must adopt and Implementing appropriate Moringa marketing strategies that will lead to improved sales as well as ROI.

The Pre-launch offer is for FIRST 500 Clients: First come First become the Member

Do Not Wait, Hurry up. Register immediately to become a member to sell your Moringa Products across the globe is the ultimate platform to attract your niche Moringa market. Going Global is a crucial task but it's a worthwhile one and can be a huge boost and benefit to your Moringa business. MoringaMart can help you on your Global quest and make you task easy by connecting with thousands of international Moringa buyers
Taking your Moringa brand's international will help to grow your Moringa business. You can add streams of exposure and revenue when you break into new markets
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