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We at CJP have highest priority to contribute to the transition to a sustainable society through social, economic and environmental development. Sustainable development is a fundamental aspect of our strategic plan as to create Knowledge for a Sustainable Future

CJP has the privilege to provide most authoritative Knowledge platform known for Development of Sustainable Non-Food Oil Crop Projects, Programmes and Priorities to Feed Biodiesel Industry Worldwide and has established the Biodiesel Business AcademyÔ (BBA) to provide quality, impartial, informative and enjoyable advanced level training with enhanced technology in the field of Biodiesel production. The BBA delivers Training to international and national participants/professionals of green energy industry to increase and distribute knowledge and skills. I am attaching broachers detailing our programs and priorities. We provide Training to the participants in all matters, to successfully plant and harvest Biodiesel crops and process to produce biodiesel including how to plant, when to plant, when to harvest, who to extract oil and make biodiesel etc... We cover the full range of topics on agronomy, farming of various biodiesel feedstocks including manufacturing bio-oil/biodiesel, sustainable business planning, clean energy technology and corporate carbon reduction etc.

We, at BBA believe that biodiesel can reduce dependence on petroleum, help address climate change and boost domestic economies.Biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks can meet contemporary needs for environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and quality of life without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs for them. We are confident that scientific advancements can demonstrate, preserve, and enhance biodiesel's ability to help meet the food, feed, fiber, and energy needs of the future.

Farmers, growers and project developers today, both those in existing businesses and new entrants, live in an environment where they by necessity have to keep an eye on new opportunities. As well, diversification of cropping opportunities, within the limits of good business sense, provides an essential part of risk management in new Biodiesel feedstock farming.

Undertaking the research and supporting industries searching for new products is only the first stage of CJP’s work. Unless the work is communicated to the widest possible audience the potential of these Biodiesel Crops will never be fully realized. That is why CJP is organizing Global JatrophaWorld Programme to bring together the expertise and brightest brains to provide the information required for those who want to know more about 2nd generation biodiesel crops. CJP’s Programme is aimed at consolidating much of the recent research information into a easy to learn format for those searching for the latest information on Biodiesel Crops. I am sure it will prove to be as valuable to both potential and existing farmers, growers and project developers

We are pleased to announce dates of following Global Programme

Global Algae Biodiesel 2017

Global Castor World 2017

Global Moringa Meet 2017

Global Jojoba World 2017

Global Pongamia World 2017

Biodiesel Crops: know the challenges

In the field of Biodiesel Crop development there is no shortage of media reports and hunches, but there is a distinct lack of reliable data, information and knowledge. Biodiesel Crops are often promoted using the news media as a form of publicity. So, in such an uncertain environment, while it is clear that decisions need to be based on the best possible information, problems can only be solved by testing possible solutions through trial and error. The difficulty with the approach is that the successful commercialization of a Biodiesel Crop does not depend on a single factor with a single solution. It consists of a great many factors operating together across the entire supply chain from producer to consumer. The need to deal with such complexity, even on a trial-and-error basis, brings the solution once again back to starting with the best possible information and the best possible people and accepting the additional challenge of managing a higher than usual level of risk.

Developing a successful business around a Biodiesel Crop can be ensured by building stronger relationships and ensuring satisfied consumers, effective supply chain management and value for money i.e. price must cover the growing, harvesting, processing and marketing costs of the product, as well as the profit margins

Best bets

One way to improve the chances of making best bet decisions in Biodiesel Crop development is to base such decisions on the best possible information, evaluated in a non-emotional way, and to make these decisions in collaboration with other members of the supply chain. And after attending the 2/5 days course the participants can build a personal best bet list of Biodiesel Crops. it becomes possible because the CJP’s Global programme  provides a far greater range of data, information and knowledge and ultimately to improve the chances of success for everyone by making better decisions. There are currently a number of Biodiesel Crop such as jojoba, castor, algae, pongamia, moringa and simarouba  a learning opportunity that will continue to pay off commercially.

CJP’s session provides more detail about Biodiesel Crop development by outlining the key strategies available to assist and encourage commercialization of Biodiesel Crop products. The course materials were originally developed in response to inquiries from individuals wanting to know about best bets among Biodiesel Crops. The exercise provides an introduction to the issues relevant to Biodiesel Crop development and demonstrates for participants the usefulness of sharing problem solving with others.

Each session in the Programme aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to a particular crop. Potential investors and industry advisors shall have all about a crop before making decisions or providing advice about them.

What market conditions are necessary to stimulate the commercialization of Biodiesel Crop products? The various Global courses are designed to assist participants and help them build a personal best bet list of Biodiesel Crops.

After attending the global Programme on a biodiesel crop,one can focuses on the business with profitably consists of the following:

Identifying the needs of each member of the supply chain

Setting realistic targets

Selecting future actions to take

Creating a plan to follow

The future viability of Biodiesel Crops crop options cannot be predicted accurately because biophysical, marketing, economic and human systems often behave chaotically. Rather than trying to predict winners, members of Biodiesel Crops crop industries can use the resources to be outlined in the meeting to collectively focus on their goals and pursue them in ways that improve their chances of making best bet decisions.

The Forming and Managing Supply Chains in Agri fuel business learning package helps managers to learn what is required to “hand craft” their own supply chain as a way of improving their Biodiesel Crops crop enterprise’s chances of success. The package would be of interest to anyone in the Biodiesel Crops crop development process, but is specially targeted at those who are close to the full commercialization stage. The Global Programme on Algae, Castor, Jojoba, Moringa, Pongamia  shall Highlights the updated research and technology; Experts will meet to reveal the latest developments in Biodiesel Crops research, the newest agricultural, horticultural, harvesting and modification techniques, and tell how the process can be scaled up. It will provide an excellent opportunity to the investors, entrepreneurs, renewable fuel experts, their associates and academia to share their experiences and knowledge on Biodiesel Crops. It will give them an excellent opportunity to know more about the latest research and developments in production .The Programme would cover all the topics related to Biodiesel Crops Industry with Practical Plantation visit and biodiesel making. The package would be of interest to anyone in the Biodiesel Crop development process, but is specially targeted at those who are close to the full commercialization stage.

The learning package is aim to demonstrate the need for a whole-of-supply-chain perspective on new Biodiesel enterprise development

CJP’s teaching and research focus on biodiesel agribusiness enterprises, supply chain management and business development strategies. Over the last 10 years CJP has worked with new rural industries as both researcher and consultant. CJP’s contribution to the world Nonfood Biodiesel industry is a model of how a new industry can guide its own future. CJP’s research interests for the past 10 years have focused on commercial innovation in the establishment of new Biodiesel feedstock industries. It manages the most visited Biodiesel Crops Website ( ) and has facilitated short courses and spoken at conferences and workshops on new nonfood biodiesel industries across the globe.

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