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Moringa Farm Internship Program

moringa farm internship programme
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Stay on the Moringa India  farm that produces the world’s most miracle  Superfood Moringa

The Majestic Moringa is fast making its name globally. It is the Swiss Army knife of nutrition. Moringa Oleifera, the miracle tree domesticated in Indian almost 2,000 years ago, has come a long way today to become a symbol of the fight against growing nutrition deficiency across the globe apart from also becoming a fad among the rich. A naturally occurring bio-fortified crop suited to the climatic conditions of the region, Moringa is unusually rich in its nutrition content literally from top to bottom.
So. if you’re trying to learn A - Z about Moringa , there’s nothing like going to a farm and getting your hands dirty.
Supporting learning
Moringa Farm Stay (Moringa Farm Internship Program (MFIP™) is sort of like a live, interactive slideshow of agriculture making of Moringa from "Soil to Superfood" that touches all the participant's senses.
MFIP is a concept that aims to combine people’s wanderlust with their desire to make a difference. We offer diverse and pocket friendly opportunities for your service combined with eco-friendly vacations.
Farms are a stimulating outdoor classroom which where new grower can learn about Moringa science and agriculture . MFIP shall be a rich resource that can support a your  work plans, helping you  to developing understanding and reasoning, building confidence and a range of other Moringa project skills. Working at Moringa  organic farms to facilitate a chance to learn organic farming techniques
Moringa Farm offers countless activities and adventures to fulfill your every desire. Pamper your mind and body at our Moringa Field. Explore related activities and adventure to find the perfect experience during your stay. Farm life is full of life. Every day begins and ends with working with Moringa. We share with you challenges and opportunity of Moringa project on the farm. 
While you are here, we encourage you to take part in the farm activities, which will increase your understanding and therefore appreciation of the relationship that we have to the land and to the food it provides us.
The Moringa Farm Internship Program’s Mission & Objectives
The Moringa Farm Internship Program is dedicated to enriching the knowledge and lives of young & people by providing them with a unique, educational experience on a research -oriented organic Moringa Farm in rural Jaipur, India.. Moringa India’s Farm serves as an active model for responsible research and education stewardship through collective effort just to enable them to establish successful Moringa ventures.
Program participants learn about conservation, maintenance and restoration, care, and custody of organic Moringa Farming by means of hands-on work experience with local Moringa Farm staff, and structured educational endeavors The Moringa Farm Internship Program provides Moringa Farm operation experience as each participants contribute approximately 20 hours of manual labor per week.
Moringa Farm Operations
A Field of Moringa
A Field of Moringa is a unique project critically framing the cultural, economic, ecological and technical practices of Moringa farming in today's World
There are numerous developments worldwide in the field of biological control and bio-pesticides, and increasing interest from growers in using them. There is undoubtedly some potential to solve some of the major challenges facing Moringa crops ,how we can have  a systems approach to farm and soil health?
A Stay and study at Field of Moringa aims to open up a new space for informed discussion, reflection and sharing of different ways of thinking about Moringa farming and technological innovation.
Come with your group and learn Moringa while leaving with it to be part of creating a fairer and intelligent successful food project for people and planet.
The MFIP shall be a essence of usual blend of practical sessions and latest thinking on a range of issues affecting Moringa farming worldwide.
“Moringa Farm Program”  Moringa Farm Internship Program  creates activities exclusively related to the study and learning of Moringa Production and Processing.
The MFIP’s primary goal is to serve as a promoting and operating an educational center at for students, scholars, researchers, Growers, Project developers and Moringa entrepreneurs  committed to create best practices and scientific research to utilize the fullest potential of Moringa and preserving it for future generations. The Moringa Farm Stay seeks to encourage global dialogue about sustaining cultural practices  for future generations through the example of the Moringa India.
The Moringa Farm Operations
The mission of the Moringa India Farm is to showcase as to how to operate and maintain an organic Moringa Farm operation through scientific methods and traditional skills . The Moringa India Farm emphasizes the importance of preservation and stewardship of architecture, landscape, forest, wildlife, and traditional agricultural methods, animals, and plants combined with the use of current technological advances in organic Moringa agriculture. Additionally, the Moringa India is involved in a number of projects geared toward responsible use of natural resources.
Present-day life at Moringa India Farm attempts to show in a very fundamental way how a traditional biological Moringa farm can be run and  maintained in a manner that affords a viable existence within the modern world.
The  7 days working in Moringa Field offers a unique opportunity for anyone interested in Moringa  to learn and apply  General Agricultural practices and cropping systems on a farm scale that maintain or increase crop production while conserving natural resources.
Participants will be able to interact with Moringa specialists and educators, on all issues that may affect their operations.  Experts  will let you know management strategies and equipment operation up close on hand to answer your specific questions.
Moringa Field days have been a core part of Practical Experience when participants work together to share details of on-farm research and demonstration and learn in a spirit of openness and curiosity to learn about topics that span the Moringa agricultural spectrum. This shall enable them to create a  strong, sustainable Moringa agricultural system in their farms/countries.
The Moringa Farm Internship  will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about sustainable tools, techniques, and approaches that can be integrated in Moringa Production  and value added production systems highlighting pest and disease management, cover cropping, leaf/seed production, tools and equipment for commercial production
Moringa Farm Internship Program Information
The Moringa Farm Internship Program is comprised of 6 nights 7 days- long sessions made up of five to ten  participants per session.
Work at the Moringa India Farm
Daily Schedule
The Moringa Farm Internship Program is based on a 20-25  hours are devoted to Moringa Farm/maintenance/Processing work, and to the educational component of the program. Typically, participants’ day start with a meeting at 8 AM to discuss the daily work assignments and make announcements. Work begins immediately and ends at 4PM, with varying hours in the summer, due to the heat of mid-day. Lunch is usually at 1PM and work resumes at 2PM for the afternoon. Participants have free time in the evenings. During the summer months, we typically work from 6 am to 12 pm, with some afternoon chores and, of course, educational activities.
Moringa Farm and Maintenance Work
We define Moringa Farm work as any job that needs to be done to make the Moringa Farm function. This can be a “typical” Moringa Farm chore as Moringa Farm work consists of lots of daily chores that are part of Moringa Farm life, such as watering and weeding the farm, pruning in the Moringa  orchard or leaf harvesting, and fertilization and spray etc. Occasionally, there are large  jobs happening during a session that require lots of hard work from the  participants to complete. Seasonal work includes harvesting leaves and pods, intercrop  harvests etc.
The major areas of the Moringa India operation which Participants devote a significant amount of time to are: Seeding and nursery operation, planting, watering, weeding, tying, pruning , spraying, hoeing, harvesting and vermi-composting.
Due to the nature of the work and the structure of the Moringa India Farm operations, participants are assigned to specific work areas for the session like leaves processing, powdering, seed oil making, and devote most of their time to that area. Each area has a supervisor that the participants report to. We aim to give participants a broad perspective of all operations at Moringa India Farm by way of supplementary educational activities.
Participants acquire knowledge and practical skills through involvement with the daily operation of Moringa India Farm. The Moringa Farm work can also be extremely rewarding, as there are opportunities to learn new skills and interact closely with the Ground workers, who can often provide a wealth of knowledge about organic Moringa Farming techniques and cultural traditions.
Participants at Moringa India Farm spend 20 + hours week involved in manual labor of some sort, so be aware that you may spend days on the same monotonous tasks like digging ditches, stacking wood,  hoeing, shoveling manure, weeding, pruning trees, spraying, drying and milling of leaves, pressing oil. 
We ask that Participants be interested in the philosophy of Moringa India Farm and willing to learn, through experience and hard work, the processes involved in maintaining a healthy community and Moringa Farm operation. The idea of working on a Moringa Farm can be very easily romanticized and may seem like a great opportunity when one is day dreaming in class or at work. Working at Moringa India Farm is a rewarding experience that can provide knowledge that will be useful for a lifetime, and a tremendous satisfaction comes from acquiring new skills and working with others to achieve common goals, while strengthening our connection with the environment and another culture. 
What to expect from MFIP
Over a week of simultaneous stay, Participants can explore issues from practical on-farm experience, to participatory works at Moringa farm and talks from the  leading sustainable Moringa experts. Consisting of simultaneous activities , for 7 days, you  can explore issues from weeding  and watering, planting to pruning, from making better organic manuring to plant protection and much more.
The importance of first-hand experience
MFIP provides significance of practical experience, rather than relying solely on rhetoric, when it comes to Moringa  and agricultural education. We call it  REAL education'. In essence, knowing the basic from soil is of paramount importance, to be part of the MFIP we must combine all ground experiences  related to growing, and processing Moringa .
Overall, and perhaps most importantly, the sheer power of Moringa as a tool for positive change. Just a 7 days Stay and work with Moringa can build knowledge base from A-Z of Moringa Farming and Processing , encouraged experience, sustainable and meaningful application . This  contribute to an optimistic future and success for your Moringa endeavors

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